Thursday, October 2, 2008

Autumn is here!

Isn't this the prettiest little square wreath, and can you believe how the berries match our weird pink/red door?!! And I'm also surprised I got it because I do NOT like "artificial" thingies........floral thingies especially. Unless they look REAL! I had to keep feeling these fuzzy leaves the whole time I was looking around in the local florist shop........ I ended up buying the two matching ones she had; one for the back door here, and the other I'll show you later on the log cabin door in the yard. That one is mighty pretty also against the old weathered wooden door.

This "quilty" story was pretty good, and I finished it up quickly.........I've been avoiding art and reading a lot recently. Love to just "get lost" in good stories or read about interesting people. (Preferably somebody much worse off than my family's puny little problems, so I'll feel better!) Heh, heh.........I know........I'm a sick old woman. Thank God my mama loved to read and read to me as a child and instilled the love of books in me!

And here you see an example of "October's Bright Blue Weather", which was part of a poem Miss Sadie Limer taught me in the third grade, way back in 1953! She took our little class on an outing uptown and pointed out that wonderful, special shade of BLUE that comes to the south in October, and I never see it that I don't think of Miss Limer. She was very old-fashioned, very strict, and we were scared to death of her, but for some reason she made us WANT to learn the lessons and to please her! And she was one of my first early art admirers; she always encouraged us to make handmade cards for our parents for every occasion and holiday. My special cards were for Valentine's Day, and long after I was a grown married woman, I made and mailed her my special handmade Valentines every year. They were filled with calligraphy and lace and paper doilies and little red stick-on cherubs and hearts of gold and glitter..........I wonder what became of them after she died. I STILL love to make valentines, whether out of papers or fabrics or I guess I've moved on up to being a "mixed media" artist in my old age!


Miss 376 said...

Good teachers can make a lasting impression. I remember Mrs Morrow who loved my brown eyes! She instilled a love of Beatrix Potter in me. She really encourage me in my reading, not that it was difficult as I always loved reading. It was lovely to here she used one of the poems I wrote in the 1st year of primary school years later to teach 4th year primary. I must have done something right. Hope that beautiful October skies have brought some calm after all that has happened. Jane

Stacey said...

So glad to hear how you're doing. I was missing your posts:) The sky is beautiful... Thanks for Would love to have one of your Valentines:) Let's do a swap in Feb; I'll give you some supplies in exchange for a Valentine?

Anonymous said...

I was telling girls about the blue sky today (or was it yesterday?)... there wasnt a cloud in it, and it is a special blue in the fall. Laura said God hadnt made the clouds yet (for today). ps. We have been going on mushroom walks and making spore prints. -Cousin Amy