Friday, August 31, 2007

I have been very remiss in keeping up my blog this week! Bear with's another recent beaded art doll made with vintage buttons as well as beads.......she was a birthday gift for a dear friend of mine. I love it when my work gets a good home and is loved and appreciated!
I took several new pix and will upload them tomorrow and try to get caught up here.......
We are having a great quiet Labor Day with nobody coming and nobody going! And the weather is cooler, thank God. We can work outside and I made a library visit and brought home 5 new novels, to give me breaks from beading time!
Another thingie I've been busy doing this week is online ordering of great 1/2 price seed beads, and more beautiful art doll faces, and some stuff I don't even remember what it was! Woo-hoo! Three pkgs. to look forward to next week! Oh, and TWO swap pkgs. coming soon also! It's like Christmas in September! (Which makes that holiday not so very far away, now, and demands our attention if we are to make handmade art for friends and family!)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our heat wave has been so bad, this raccoon came to the bird bath, and then tried to get into this little plastic bucket of water to cool off! DH got his big old 35MM Nikon and attachments and finally got a photo of her.
Poor (mama) coon was panting and out in the heat of the day, which they don't usually do, unless really hungry or in this case, looking for water, I suppose. I'm wondering now if she will bring her babies next?!! Stay tuned...................
Our weather people on t.v. here are finally forecasting cooler air with less humidity for the Labor Day weekend! Yaaaay! Man, temps in the 80's will feel mighty nice after what we've been through. And fall is near.....some of the dogwoods' berries are turned red already, and the hummers are thinning out at the sugar water feeder. Sure will miss them this winter.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

.......with DH's help, I found the photo of the Beaded Art Doll RR dolly I'm putting lots of loopy hair onto! Her name is Melani, and she just fits so nicely into the palm of your hand.......but I HAVE to learn peyote stitch, AND use a patch of it on each of these RR dolls! I'll do it small and on the back and others following me can cover it up in case mine doesn't look too well!
It's a fun "fantasy freeform", with no rules as to how you cover the dolls, EXCEPT you have to do some peyote stitches. Well, I have 3 books and 4 printed directions for same (with illustrations!), so surely I will do it from one of those sources. And thankfully, the ladies on this group are so very nice and kind and helpful to newcomers.
........well, I knew when I started this blog I would forget to add something every day, but intend to try.

Today we have heat index of 105 could cut the humid air with a knife; you can SEE it! Poor wildlife and people without air conditioning...and our drought situation here in N.C. is severe now. The lakes and ponds and creeks are drying up fast; water is being rationed in larger cities. Thankfully, we have a good old deep well. It's pretty bad when the weatherman on t.v. says we'll be "cooling down to maybe 90" next week! Duh.

Will try to find and post here a photo of the first RR doll I'm beading on; she's very pretty and I'm putting "hair" on her beady little head!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Here's the doll form (by the famous Monica Magness!) and I'm using a sweet face given me by dear friend Sue K. Won't she be gorgeous coming back home to me in 5 months dripping with beading?! Each doll has her own handmade travel journal in which each beader tells of Lorelei's visit with them, and which parts they added to the doll. Fun, fun, fun!
I have received the first "nekkid" doll form for me to bead on, and she's a beauty.....fabric is fuschia and turquoise! Yum...
This is my newest beading project.... a brooch made by covering a large aluminum button form with lime green cotton fabric, then hand-beading the seed beads, sequins, etc. on. Finish the back with felt and a pin back!
Next on the list to do for Sept. is a "fantasy" freeform beaded art doll RR which I joined and will have to learn the peyote stitch, and a few others!
........okey-dokey. I got this blog set up and typed a load of stuff and when I posted it, it all disappeared somewhere! Bear with me and with friends' help, I'm gonna learn to do this, sooner or later! Dammit.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Carolina Arts

........well, artworld: here I go!!! Who says an old crone can't have a blog?!!

Heh, heh........(with help and encouragement from my artsy-fartsy friends, I'm gonna give this blog thing a whirl!) Stay tuned to see if I can upload photos of my creations............

.........and will somebody tell me how I make a gorgeous, bright and bold photo of my mixed-media art at the top of this thing???!!! Or maybe that comes later.........hmmm.

I'm in North Carolina/USA.......born here and never saw the need to leave!

What else could one want?! I'm in driving distance of a gorgeous coastline with not-crowded beaches to the east; and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in all their glory to the west!