Sunday, August 26, 2007

.......with DH's help, I found the photo of the Beaded Art Doll RR dolly I'm putting lots of loopy hair onto! Her name is Melani, and she just fits so nicely into the palm of your hand.......but I HAVE to learn peyote stitch, AND use a patch of it on each of these RR dolls! I'll do it small and on the back and others following me can cover it up in case mine doesn't look too well!
It's a fun "fantasy freeform", with no rules as to how you cover the dolls, EXCEPT you have to do some peyote stitches. Well, I have 3 books and 4 printed directions for same (with illustrations!), so surely I will do it from one of those sources. And thankfully, the ladies on this group are so very nice and kind and helpful to newcomers.

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