Friday, August 31, 2007

I have been very remiss in keeping up my blog this week! Bear with's another recent beaded art doll made with vintage buttons as well as beads.......she was a birthday gift for a dear friend of mine. I love it when my work gets a good home and is loved and appreciated!
I took several new pix and will upload them tomorrow and try to get caught up here.......
We are having a great quiet Labor Day with nobody coming and nobody going! And the weather is cooler, thank God. We can work outside and I made a library visit and brought home 5 new novels, to give me breaks from beading time!
Another thingie I've been busy doing this week is online ordering of great 1/2 price seed beads, and more beautiful art doll faces, and some stuff I don't even remember what it was! Woo-hoo! Three pkgs. to look forward to next week! Oh, and TWO swap pkgs. coming soon also! It's like Christmas in September! (Which makes that holiday not so very far away, now, and demands our attention if we are to make handmade art for friends and family!)

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