Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our heat wave has been so bad, this raccoon came to the bird bath, and then tried to get into this little plastic bucket of water to cool off! DH got his big old 35MM Nikon and attachments and finally got a photo of her.
Poor (mama) coon was panting and out in the heat of the day, which they don't usually do, unless really hungry or in this case, looking for water, I suppose. I'm wondering now if she will bring her babies next?!! Stay tuned...................
Our weather people on t.v. here are finally forecasting cooler air with less humidity for the Labor Day weekend! Yaaaay! Man, temps in the 80's will feel mighty nice after what we've been through. And fall is near.....some of the dogwoods' berries are turned red already, and the hummers are thinning out at the sugar water feeder. Sure will miss them this winter.

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girl_gone_thread_wild said...

I wanna jump in that birdbath....I've had enough of boiling temp's this summer....Fall, where are YOU?