Saturday, October 4, 2008

.......told ya!

........see how pretty the other wreath is on our little log cabin door?! The one-room barn used to be a tobacco curing barn WAY out in the country in Warren County here, and my DH and nephew numbered the pieces, took it apart, re-assembled it in our side yard many years ago for my retail shop for my handmade arts and crafts. That lasted for nine years and was lots of fun to decorate for each holiday, and to know that people liked my work enough to drive out here and pay REAL money for it!!! Heh, heh........
.......check out the old weathered wood the barn door is made of.......oh, if it could only talk!
I've been addicted to the "Lincoln Rhyme" novels by Jeffery Deaver for years, and this latest one is as good as all the rest! One of those I just couldn't put down and hated for the end to arrive. Hurry Jeffery, and whip out another one soon!

And this little beaded dolly is my first in a year-long series that I'll be making for the Beaded Journal Project.........since we have to finish one each month and Christmas is nearing, I chose a small size! All mine will be this same shape and include rhinestones/parts of vintage jewelry. This one is carrying a little "scepter" that used to be part of a ladies' pin and still has its original little stones intact. Her face is cut from a piece of fabric, and the rhinestones are on the tips of her crown, but they don't show up well at all here. The next dolly is almost done for October, and is turning out to be a really cute "ghost"! You'll see her later in the month............


Miss 376 said...

She has lived up to her promise, she is lovely. Look forward to seeing the next one

Jes said...

Hi Phyl,
I tried to reply by mail but couldn't somehow.
Thanks for your comment :) and i am so happy you liked my work - I was a bit apprehensive about it. Now i feel quite reassured.
About myself - I'm from Kerala, in India. I discovered beading just sometime a year back. I learnt bead embroidery only from online resources - I havent found any bead related books here - and I am very very grateful to the online community of beaders.

I am supposed to post to blog 3 - but I havent yet finished my September BJP :( Hope I can finish soon and post pictures - also start on October. So many ideas, so less time :).

GraceBeading said...

Ah Phyl... beautiful photos! Even though I don't comment on each post, I look forward to each and every one of them!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

This doll is cuuuuuuute!

Year long commitment eh?

I LEARNED my lesson about yearlong proj's with the BJP group last year... I stillhave yet to catch up!

Hope your day is especially BEADY.
~monica :)

Lynn said...

I love her - what a cool little scepter (I'm sure I spelled that wrong). Great colors and what a regal look she has on her face. Can't wait to see October's little beauty.