Friday, April 4, 2008

......around the farm............

This very old building my dad built back in the 50's is near a log tobacco barn and a small log cabin he also built here on the farm. Once upon a time he raised and cured and sold tobacco on these hard-scrabble acres.
I love the shape of this little building, and for some reason the family has always called it "the furniture house", because whatever odd pieces of furniture from anybody's house that didn't fit at the time were relegated to "the furniture house" until the next person might need a piece or two! We keep saying every spring or fall we're gonna clean it out, but never do. Of course by now any furniture in there has been leaked rain on and the mice have raised generations in the stuffed old sofa!

I took photos of the creek that is the boundary line of the property while we were down there last week removing three fallen trees from across the walking trail. The creek is officially named on the map "Yellow Wood Creek"; nobody seems to know why, or how it was named that. But during the years of flooding and Mother Nature taking her action, the little creek is very winding. It has low water now because of our drought the last three years, but fat little minnows dart about in the water, and there are always footprints of raccoon, deer, the green heron, and other critters in the sand. One year we moved big rocks and dammed up a place for a small "waterfall", and the sound of the water going over is wonderful, both on winter and summer walks.


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Hi sunshine, I would love walking through your backyard, plenty of adventures to be had I'm sure. Thanks for the photos and for sharing these stories. I'm so enjoying the free time to scour through blogs I've missed. weeeee, Monica :)

crooked heart art~tammy said...

I love the furniture barn!! makes me want to 'poke' around in there :)
old barns have a place in my heart
you live in a very interesting place :)nice new blog banner too-
i took some pic's in the yard the other day now lets see if anything came out nice enough for a banner
enjoy your day

Gammie said...


The furniture barn would make a great art studio. Think of the possibilities. Love the pictures.


Gypsy said...

I hope the rain you are getting is refilling your little creek. The camellias on your page are gorgeous!