Sunday, April 13, 2008

Azalea time!!!

Our yards and driveway are just "shouting" color with all these azaleas blooming this weekend! And the purple and dark reds to come later! Today was a gorgeous blue sky with flying white clouds, 62 degrees and lots of sunshine..........we enjoyed out walk and took the small camera. All the 39 years of plantings here and there have paid off just in time to enjoy it during our "golden years"..........even if all the work did render our knees and aching backs useless on some days, it's all been worth the effort! We are blessed to live in the country where it's private and quiet and looking out of every window of the house we see Mother Nature showing her stuff!


Sue K. said...

Gorgeous! My absolute favorite time of year anywhere, but especially there, where the azaleas and dogwoods make everything a fantasy land. Thank you for sharing!

Gammie said...


A heartfelt thank you for posting these beautiful pictures. It is going to be only 25 here tonight in Ohio. Your pictures warm me up.


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

The azaleas are beautiful, Phyl.

crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi phyl
not quite azalea time up here :)
my neightbor has the most stunning deep orange one next to their house i hope to get pix of it this year
thanks for the pre-veiw of what's to come
enjoy your day