Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dollar Tree gleanings.............!!!

One day this past week someone on one of the Yahoo groups mentioned she had found Blue Moon beads in the "craft" section of her local Dollar Tree store. Another lady said she was so disappointed because HER local store did NOT have them. Of course I had to whiz on over to MY nearest Dollar Tree store about 15 miles away and check it out.......I almost missed finding them! So I asked the sales lady and she sent me back to the area where the (sometimes) skeins of yarns and paper craft supplies are. As you see in the photo above, I got a great selection; now I can use some of them in one of my January challenges, which is a small beaded pin/brooch. I'm doing it all in white/silver/blues, hoping it will look cold and wintry. So hurry on over to your local dollar stores and find seems all states didn't have them; and there were only a few colors available, but still a lot cheaper than in the bead stores or ordering online! Good luck.....


tammy said...

hi phyl
oh nice haul!! love blue moon beads-i won't go near our $tree store today they are predicting a nor'easter for us tonite and the plaza its located in will be mobbed with people getting food supplies-uh not this girl!!!
-your colors sound nice and icey and cool-can't wait to see what you make

clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Phyllis! Wow - what a haul from the dollar store.
Come visit my blog and tell me which PIF gift you want. I made one in your favorite colors and two in blues and aquas -- you pick first and then I'll send the other two out.

Maggie R said...

Wow What a great find Phyl.... Don't 'cha love a bargain;-}
BTW I got accepted into the 2 groups you sent me to!! I am so thrilled as it looks like lots to see and do so thsnks a bunch .