Monday, January 7, 2008

Vintage Treasure............

......check out this wonderful old beaded necklace I'm thinking of selling at the local thrift's so unusual and since I've been beading for one year now, I can REALLY appreciate the time and work that went into making it! The beads are black glass seed beads and the whole piece is 28 inches around.
These thin metal "leaves" are attached to leaf shaped wooden pieces underneath........and there are little holes bored thru the wooden underside for the beading needle/thread to pass through when it was strung! I forgot how many separate strands there are, but it's more than 20.......hmmmm.
I may not be able to get rid of it just yet........I wish a beading person would want it; then I'd know it had a really GOOD home!!!

ATTENTION: you beaders or crafters out there who live near a Dollar Tree store: they have Blue Moon beads in little pkgs. for sale right now!
Needless to say, I got a bunch of colors/shapes today!


tammy said...

hi phyl
oh that necklace is tooo pretty to go to the thrifstore!!!
feel free to send it to Ct. if you want it to have a new home VBG :)
i was just in our local dollar tree-i didn't see any blue moon beads?? but then again i wasn't looking could you tell me what section you found them in??
really warm here in ct-we hit 65 yesterday rainy and gray this a.m.-i need SNOW!!! hopefully you will get more rain to help ease your drought

Sue said...

Just made the trip to Dollar Tree - no such luck here in OH! Hope you gathered up a bunch to share!