Friday, January 25, 2008

A Leggy Lady.........!

Finally! Above is the pretty beaded art dolly I've been working on (her legs)
and she's just about done. Aren't all the shades of pinks and purples and blues gorgeous together? This group of ladies are talented beaders.......

The doll was all covered with beading except for her legs when I got her; so now the fronts are done and I'll finish up the leg backs SOON! When there are so many freeform stitches used, you have high and low areas. I kept getting the thread hooked around a bead or sequin on the "other" leg while working on one; I finally wrapped up the finished leg with a scrap of fabric to cover it smoothly and then could get to bead without that hassle! Whew! I've learned a lot during the last six months of beading on this group of art dolls, and made wonderful new online friends also. Now I have to move on to the project of beaded 2" squares, both for the Pink Artist doll and for a monthly on the Cloth, Paper Studio Yahoo group. And it's time to begin whatever I'm going to make and donate to our local Relay for Life that will be held in a few months' time! Happy beading, everyone!

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Maggie R said...

Gosh Phyl, you did a lovely job on this doll.. I love the colors..