Friday, January 18, 2008

Laurel Burch horses..............

This is one of the late Laurel Burch's fabric panels with horses in her wonderful, bright colors. I hope to put lightweight batting and a fabric back for a wall hanging for my nephew, who loves horses. Of course this one will have to have lots of beads and yarns for embellishments! And I love doing hand quilt stitches are not the tiniest or the neatest, but I love doing it!

Since Burch's death last year, some of her designs that had never been printed to fabric are being done now; and I was lucky to find this place online with new cats/horses and her great borders and stripes and dots, so I got some of several designs. The most striking of her works are the ones done on black backgrounds using her gold detailing.......just beautiful.


NeereAnDear said...

She was such a fabulous artist wasnt she? You have to just love all the colors and the detail..




Maggie R said...

I LOVE Laurel's designs. What a sad loss to the art world.

Gypsy said...

No fair keeping that online source to yourself! Where did you find this lovely herd of horses?