Wednesday, February 20, 2008 the twig is bent, etc...........

Finding the title for this entry has driven me nuts; I have heard the saying all my life and thought it came from the bible. I can't locate it right now, nor does my "Where to Find it in the Bible" book give me any help at all!!
Anyhow, it goes something like " the twig is bent, so grows the tree."
Or the bough. Or the limb. Whatever. Check out the bend in the tree above.
And the ones below. (And PLEASE let me know if you find the verse!)

When this pine grew as high as this old goat shed's roof, it didn't give up. It just grew AROUND the obstacle of the tin roof which was jutting out in its path! On my walk yesterday, I found FIVE trees like this around the farm. If my dad were still alive today, none of these trees would have gotten this large.......he loved cutting "trash" trees for firewood, which he sold by the truckload.

And this old sweetgum tree did the same thing here when it grew up to the edge of the tin slope. It slowed awhile and then just grew around the tin and the sun keeps straightening it back upright once it cleared the spot!

This happens to human beings we grow and have to endure one crisis or another through the years, we are left with scars and crooked limbs (and hearts!), but if we persevere, and look toward the light, God will eventually straighten us up in the right direction again. And again. And again. Isn't that wonderfully comforting to know?


Maggie R said...

What interesting old trees Phyl. do I detect other trees with leaves coming out!
I'm jealous. Had more snow this week!!!

Maggie R said...

Phyllis did you get things straightened out yet??
I only know to go into your profile on the yahoo groups and follow what they tell you. There is a place to put in new email addys I 'm sure.
What a mess eh??
Chin up, there's better days ahead!!!!!