Friday, February 8, 2008

Birthday goodies............!!!

This is turning out to be a fun birthday month for me! I'm receiving all sorts of RAK's (Random Acts of Kindness) from online friends who belong to the same artsy groups I do.......above is a sweet little "quiltie" made from three different fabrics and free-motion quilted with gorgeous copper threads! And with her totem (frog) image stamped on the back, this came from Diane on the Cloth, Paper Studio group......thank you, sweet one!
.......and this gorgeous turquoise fabric bookmark with fibers and sea horses (for my water/pisces sign) and strip of handmade paper came wrapped in a beautiful fold-over white card with the little sea horses showing through a window, and "Best Wishes" printed in silver! It came from our CPS group "mom", Wendy........all the way from England! I love the wonderful stamps on the mailing envelope, too...many thanks to you across the "big pond", Wendy!
Yet another birthday surprise from Jackie in our Beaded Art Doll group, this sweet and gorgeous "Dotee doll" to hang on the floor lamp right here by my computer where I'll see her every day! And this baby came in the prettiest purple organza bag and with a sweet note.......many thanks, Jackie, for your time and efforts in sharing a piece of your great artwork!

I'll be turning 64 on February 27th, and don't pay much mind to birthdays anymore, but these little wonders coming in the mail out of the blue from "strangers", but online friends, is so much fun! I enjoy the artsy-fartsy groups I belong to so very much; and to think I went most all of my life without a computer, not knowing there was a whole "other art world" out there in cyberspace, full of the nicest and most generous ladies ever! But I'm making up for lost time now, and am very thankful to be having another birthday.............especially with all the "goodies" coming in! I am so blessed with so many new "friends"!


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

You're so lucky, Phyl, to get the lovelies from Diane and Wendy. And a Dotee doll too!

Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...
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Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

You are so very welcome, Phyl. I'm thrilled you like the little Dotee doll.

And a big Happy Birthday to you too.


Maggie R said...

Hi Phyl..... 64 eh?? hmmmm.... wish I was VBG
Your gifts are lovely.... and I love the pics with baby sister .... she is a beauty!!!!
Have a wonderful day my friend..

Gypsy said...

How did I miss your birthday, Phyl!!! Hope it was/is a happy one, and that you get LOTS of gentle, soft rain throughout the year, as an ongoing gift!What better gift, from one waterbearer to another!?