Thursday, February 14, 2008

Snow for Valentine's Day!

We had a wonderful half inch of rain all day Wednesday, which was great for our drought; and the storm finished us off during the night last night with a beautiful little dusting of snow! I bundled up with coats over pajamas and ran out into the yard this morning to get these pix before it melted! It was 31 degrees! I wish we'd get at least ONE pretty snow before spring like we used to get!
The thin layer of snow showed up on dark things best, like this bed of ivy, but of course the sun is out now and the temps are rising, so it's long gone.
I received another fun "Pass It Forward" gift in the mail yesterday from the talented and nutty Monica M., whom lots of you readers already know as a talented artist.........especially with her needles and threads! Check out the little 3-D face at the lower left corner...........
...........this photo shows how tiny it is, leaning up against a Hershey's "kiss".
I think she used wool sweaters "felted" in hot water/dryer and made it by hand. Probably using a hand-felting needle....check out those eyelashes!
Thank you Monica!!! Oh, and all the little goodies were wrapped in the pretty piece of purple/gold fabric and tied w/a ribbon! I NEVER know what I'm getting when this gal sends a package! Love it all.............

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girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Whatcha gonna do with that love bug/face? :)

I see your blog just fine. I think what you are experiencing with the MIA blog is just on your new internet account. Keep trying... maybe you have to keep inserting the old email just to sign in? clueless here...Monica