Thursday, February 7, 2008

Warm, fuzzy heart............

Here's what you do with a thrift shop sweater that's made of lambswool and other yarns that will shrink......throw it into the washing machine with a load of clothes and use HOT water. When it's finished, throw it into the dryer on HOT for a few minutes............voila! You have just "felted" a sweater! Actually, the proper word is "fulled" or "fulling". Anyway, it also shrunk about 5 sizes from a big 40 to fit a toddler!
Then you cut a heart shape out of newspaper; lay it on top of the newly washed/shrunk sweater with the pretty round buttons buttoned up. Cut around the pattern, leaving about 1" for seams, and after turning right sides of the sweater together, stitch it up on the machine (or by hand).
Also: hand-stitch down the opening of the front with the buttons in place, so that opening will be closed and you won't have gaps. Turn the heart right-side-out and stuff it as fat or as flat as you like with poly stuffing or bits of left-over quilt batting, etc. and then hand-stitch closed the little opening you left in the side seam for stuffing.
These can also be made into smaller heart shapes and filled with dried lavender for sachets. Or pin cushions. Or tree ornaments. Let your imagination go wild! Also: it doesn't have to be a sweater; anything made from 100% wool will shrink and "felt" vintage skirts or coats or men's slacks/vests/sweaters. Now, go make some "vintage" Valentine gifts for special people in your life!


tammy said...

hi phyllis
ahh that felted heart warms the heart :)
beautiful color too!
baby sister is such a sweetie pie
BTW you PIF that you signed up for on my bolg awhile back is one its way to you as of today-2.7.08
hope you enjoy it:)
have a great day

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Isn't it fun to watch it shrink?!! I luv it! Beautiful color too. THANK YOU Phyll for zipping me that article over, her dolls are fantastic (I admit at first glance I read and plugged your name in the mix, lol)! I have admired her dolls for quite some time, very unique and fun! You teased me, I thought the envie was your squares. ha!

As I write this I see Tammy reminding me that I also wanted to share that your PIF that you signed up for on my blog will be on its way this weekend. Enjoy! xo, Monica

Gypsy said...

So, that is how it is done, Phyl! I like it, I like it!

Maggie R said...

Your pillow is a lovely one Phyl.
What a great idea....
I was looking through our thrift shop last week and all I could find was one wool vest!! Anyway, I did shrink it but haven't used it yet....
Your Joggles cell case bag turned out beautiful.. a real eye catcher...Nicely done phyl, and that applies to your heart pins too.... You are certainly a busy girl. All I have done all week is live on immodium and gravol... Not feeeling good... Slept most of the time and read one book!!!!
This week will be better I hope!!!