Monday, February 18, 2008

What I'm reading.............

How would you like to meet this guy?! I thought he was a real Confederate soldier from the Civil War, but he's a current-day re-enactor as I learned in the book. It's non-fiction and the author tagged along with this guy to all the battlefields; they dressed in clothing that the Confederate rebels would have worn and ate the same awful food and slept on the battlefields at night! It's a fascinating read and nearly every page or two has tidbits about the war and the people that wouldn't be found anywhere else. I couldn't put it down; it's gory and awful in some places, but then that's what war is.
But you have to admire these re-enactors who are obsessed with all the details of their modern-day war skirmishes being as close to they were in 1863, etc. Now I'm off to read a lighter story by Annie Dillard. More book reviews coming up!


Gypsy said...

I have met alot of reenactors, both from the 'Civil' War, and from the Revolutionary War. By far, the CW guys are nutso, letting wounds fester, starving themselves to relive the true experiences, etc.
Give me the fun-loving RW guys anytime!
ps updated your email-RR is nice, isn't it?

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

had a friend read this, she is totally into civil war days... not me especially but I do enjoy the true accounts of GHOST stories!

Your beautiful square is finally posted. :) I really like how it came out! Thanks for such a wonderful contribution Phyll. I am so glad you are aPINk Artist. ~Monica