Monday, February 4, 2008

signs of spring.............

I could NOT believe my eyes this past weekend when I saw these cold, brave little jonquil buds that have popped up out of the cold earth this early!!! And some of the thicker leaves poking out of the soil look like hyacinths........
The sun is warm today with temps outdoors around 65 degrees, so these bud babies are drawn upwards towards the warm rays. I had forgotten we
transplanted some hyacinth bulbs to this little bed last year also; I will watch them daily and see what appears! Tomorrow's predicted temps will be hovering around 74, and these buds don't usually appear until March.

Isn't God good to us to send brave and hopeful sights like this when we are having a dark/dreary time in the late winter?! Just when we think we can't stand another cold/wet/windy/icy/grey-sky day!!! I am SO thankful for Mother Nature and all her miracles!


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I saw daffodils blooming today on my way home from quilt guild.

Maggie R said...

Phyllis....WHAT???????????? Spring bulbs coming up..... you lucky dog!!!!
We are getting more centimetres of snow to-day. I will post a picture on my blog later just to tease our dear Tammy!!!