Saturday, February 9, 2008

Old laces, etc................

This is an antique hand-crocheted ladies' collar that was made around a hundred years ago! Click on the photo and see the enlarged details of the wonderful clusters of grapes and leaves and connecting was worn with the square to the back, and the small ends met in the front, and were held together with a brooch or pretty pin of some kind. I don't know who made it, or where it came's a pity women who made such beautiful handwork didn't pass down their information with the pieces. I've had it for all my adult life and had it dry-mounted and framed to keep it safe, hopefully. It hangs over our bed, and reminds me of my maternal grandmother who lived with us when I was growing up......she was an excellent seamstress, and took in sewing for extra money. But I don't remember her doing any handwork, even though her daughters and granddaughters all are creative and artistic. This collar was crocheted with a tiny crochet hook and made using what we southerners call "tobacco twine"...........which is cotton string that comes in balls at the hardware store! And it's VERY tiny string. I started TWO bedspreads during my 45 years of married life, crocheting squares using tobacco twine; I think the pattern called for more than 300 blocks. After making around 33 blocks, that bedspread is resting safely in the back of my closet with other "UFO"s
(unfinished objects). I've got to be REAL bored to drag that baby out again!


Enzie Shahmiri said...

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Maggie R said...

What a lovely collar Phyl.
I like the way you had it framed for safe keeping.
The treasures from days gone by and how refreshing to know it wasn't mass produced in China!!!!!