Sunday, February 10, 2008

Footprints in time................

Mother Nature left her footprints in this huge field rock; it's beginning to break into delicate little squares. And it has beautiful lichen growing all over it. In the warm spring and summer this rock wall is full of sunning little lizards. For some reason I have always loved rocks, both big and small. If possible, I bring them home. Some I paint and some live by our three goldfish/koi ponds and some that are smooth and small are good to just lay around the house and feel them in the palm of my hand sometimes.
And Mother Nature left heron footprints in the mud at the edge of the pond today.........we have a gorgeous blue/gray heron who comes on a regular basis to find his breakfast and supper here most days. We are so blessed to live in the country with acres of land full of wildlife; forests and pastures; hills and vales; pond and creek. All we lack now is about 10 inches of rain...........that's how far behind this area of N.C. is in the ongoing drought. I pray our good deep well still has plenty of its wonderful sweet water underground but we are being cautious about using it, just in case.
I'm not planting spring annuals this year, or any baby dogwood trees gathered from the woods and moved to the yard like I usually do. I'm afraid to "waste" water to keep them living if we have another godawful HOT and dry summer like last year. Maybe I'll plant some cactus and desert plants that live in hot, dry climes!


Katherine R. Willson said...

I LOVE that first photo of the rock - how stunning! I, too, love rocks and have always been drawn to them. Wish I could send you some of the rain we had last week... not to mention the 20-below-zero wind chill we're having right now - I'd REALLY love to send that down south! :)

Katherine R. Willson
Ann Arbor, MI

Maggie R said...

Oh Phyllis,
You always have such interesting things to show us.....
I Love this Rock... very beautiful. I have a bunch laying around too. Just nice to look at and feel in my hands.One of my friends was on a trip to the east coast and since she always brings us something , this time she didn't know what to bring, So she brought us a beautiful sparkly rock!!! When we were in the grand canyon I bought a beautiful rock from the petrified forest, When the snow clears I will get a picture!!