Sunday, September 14, 2008

Autumn things...........

We finally, thank God, got a decent rain from the hurricane's remnant storms! We are still in a drought situation, but every three inches like this helps, and the fish in the farm pond enjoyed some fresh oxygen, I'm sure.
This ugly red scum on the pond is from the literally hundreds of cedar trees of several kinds growing around this's sort of like their kind of "pollen". The recent three inches of rain cleared it away, thankfully.......and the water is almost back to the pier's "feet" once again!
.........and here's another sweet photo of the Bubba/Buddy house cat; you can see he makes himself at home on every bed and chair and blanket or pillow he can find! And he's getting FAT! He chows down day and night, whenever the notion hits; we'll weigh him next week and see if he's added any more pounds to the six he's gained already!


Anonymous said...

I love this rotten cat. Chris is allergic to cats, so ours must stay outside, except for really cold nights. I miss having a spoiled indoor kitty, although I do NOT miss the hair. Love the mushrooms pics, too.

-Amy N.

Miss 376 said...

He knows when he is well off! Was thinking of you today. We went for a walk in the woods and there was fungi galore!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

OO, rain! What a treat it is to GET RAIN!

FINALLY yesterday WE GOT rain!



Stepping in puddles,
what could be GREATER than that!

(p.s. GOT your package... OO la la )

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

He's such a pretty kitty.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cousin (x 2?)!!!
Sorry I haven't been in touch in so long. I love your blog site & I've been checking it regularly. Love the pics, too. I'm getting a new kitten soon (blk persian boy), Mama will send pics as I need to get your email address. Also, when I took Chris to school last week, I counted eight! different varieties of mushrooms (red, white, tan, yellow, & dk brown "pancakes)in the pine forest. I found myself poking around the campus for 30 mins. checking out those shrooms~ I which I had my camera w/me. Take care & keep writing & creating!! I Love you!
Jenne Ann S. W.