Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cat tales............

It seems this new house cat does funny things in spurts..........all in one day I got these shots! This is his antique water bowl; I use it because it's one of the few that are heavy enough that he can't turn over easily..............we heard "water noises" and here's what we found when we investigated. He'd evidently put one of his little fur mice (the black one!) into the water bowl and it made a splash, so he played at trying to fish it out for awhile. (This is what you call "a drowned rat".)

.......and here's the morning routine in my paint studio that has a great little sink for washing up brushes, rags, etc. He's found out that he fits it very nicely.........he turns on each side and then his back, just to make sure it still fits EVERY day!

And when he gets bored playing with his tail, he'll get up on the corner and I turn the water on to dribble awhile. He loves water just like Baby Sister cat does; and now he's into all of her "watering holes" in the house, which irks her no end! By the way, he's gained from about 6 lbs. when we took him in last spring up to 13 lbs. today! And solid muscle. See how great I turned out, Cuz Susan?!!!


Miss 376 said...

Love the one where he is on his back-such a contented puss

Maria said...

What a lucky guy to have come to your home. He is gorgeous, thanks for the cute pics, a nice start to my day.


Sue said...

He certainly did fatten up! My goodness, he has made himself right at home - no wonder you are both smitten.
Checking in with you to see how the weather is treating you...hopefully you'll be getting some rain soon.

GraceBeading said...

Now THAT is a happy cat if I ever saw one! I love the way he crams himself into the basin. He is precious!

crooked heart art~tabby said...

hey phyl
gotta love a goofy cat!! my big boy simon puts his mice in his food bowl and eats around them :)
glad you got some much needed rain and no destruction-us too :)
enjoy your day