Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hallowe'en is coming!

Check out these cute little "face" buttons with flapper faces on them I got recently for use on my beaded art dolls! Love those expressions! They'll be on a couple of my BJP dolls during the next 12 months.

Our last lily happened to be the perfect color for pumpkins and the upcoming Hallowe'en holiday........ DH's lilies have been a pleasure all summer. They've blooming at random and all have been different colors and types! We are finally getting some much-needed showers this week and some cooler air, but the flowers around the yard have about pooped out for this year. Next stop: autumn!


Miss 376 said...

These buttons are fantastic

Maggie R said...

You never disappoint me with your photography.... The different mushrooms are amazing, Can't get over how many varieties there are!!!
and your art doll you are working on is wonderful.... What a nice collection you will have at the end of the 12 months.
You are amazing with all you do...
Me I am still working on that dang quilt... Nearly finished thank goodness!!! then I can get busy with more fun stuff.
Do you belong to stitchin fingers??
Have a wonderful day dear heart
BTW I was so happy to see the water in the pond come up...yeah!!!!