Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer goodies.......

This was the SWEETEST watermelon we've eaten in a long, long time! It was a generous gift from our "farmer" neighbors; I wonder if they irrigated their watermelon patch with "sugar water"?!!! Heh, heh......... man, it was good!..........thanks, again, Boltons!

Well, these three loaves of Amish/friendship bread are our first since one of my pals gave me a "starter" in a gallon zip-lock bag. I think it's the same recipe my mama used to make often, and back then it was called "Herman" for some reason! It's very good like coffee-cake, and is great nuked in the microwave and eaten with a cup of coffee or caffeine-free diet Coke! Also great for breakfast slathered with a thin layer of butter and heated. I put big chunks of pecans in this batch, and you can also make it chocolate, etc.! More to learn about this........(and I also found out I don't have enough matching loaf pans!)

And yet another of DH's gorgeous big lilies blooming one at the time; and my little patch of cosmos only gives me TWO little blooms every few days! But I guess I appreciate them more than if I had a whole yard full of flowers blooming at once.........

Today is Labor Day in the USA, and we had a feel of cool, dry air this morning on my walk. The seasons are changing for sure. We still need rains and might get lots the end of the week from the hurricane Hanna coming up fast on Florida and the East Coast. We have to pack in more water and foods, etc. in case things get rough. Thank God the folks in New Orleans had sense enough to evacuate this time for hurricane Gustav, instead of staying and getting harmed. I'm old enough to have been through a few, and when Mother Nature gets her dander up, I'm getting out of her way! 'Tis the season, folks: stay safe. And pray.


Miss 376 said...

That friendship loaf looks so tasty

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog for my 300th anniversary post! I will pick the winner via random generator after midnight tomorrow.

Your bread looks amazing!

I am having problems with bees on my hummer feeders too this year. Not the sweet honey bees, but yellow jackets! What kind of feeder did you hear about? You can email me at thanks!