Friday, August 29, 2008

......more new library here............

This is the entrance facing south/Franklin Street..... there are supposed to be 58 parking spaces on three sides of the building (there is NO space at the back side of the building for anything). And I'm hoping those 58 spaces will include more than one handicap space like we have now.

This is the north entrance; we were told all entrances will have attractive round white columns in keeping with our historic little town. I don't know about shutters or other "traditional"/"historical" additions......will have to see as they are added. I do hope some more detail work is in the plans so we don't have another ugly, "modern" brick building.

And this is the main front entrance as seen from Franklin Street.......notice how narrow the driveway is; this truck is parked at the edge of the property line near the street.

This is the nice big foyer/entry hall as you come into the main front door, and there are some large rooms all around and some small rooms. At least there are some windows and we will get more daylight than in the old building. Notice the dropped ceiling with lots of blocks of fluorescent lights and all the black space above is filled with ductwork............more indoor shots tomorrow!


Maggie R said...

Goodmorning Phy...
My what a lovely new library you are going to have.... but yes....... hopefully they will add some character to an otherwise plain brick building.
Isn't it amazing how they are so stingy with the wheel chair spots..... and you say they have ONE presently!! and yes sometimes that one is occupied by a young, healthy LAZY person.
I once said something to a person like that and i was told in a nasty way to mind my business!!!!
Let's hope someday that guy needs a spot like that and there is none!!!xoxo

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Your library is going to be wonderful. We've been trying to get one for years, but so far, ours is still located in the old Elmore's Dime Store building on main street--very small.