Friday, August 22, 2008

Read, read, sew............

I just finished this new book by James Frey, and it was no way as good as the others of his. Of course the very first one was the best; the one he later had to admit to being all "made up"!!! We "hard core" readers will read
anything sometimes!

Now this new novel from Joyce Carol Oates is very good, and you can see who is learning to read with me every afternoon or night! This child is turning out to be very sociable; that's why when he was an "outdoor" cat, he worried our other old yard cats to death, wanting to play with them. Or he'd go across the road to bug my cousin's cats......they didn't want to play either. So now he follows us and Baby Sister cat around the house to "help" with everything we do.......shower, brush teeth, nap, sew, read emails.......and he's finally chosen "his" corner of the bed for night-time. MOST nights go smoothly; once in awhile he decides to play under the bed around 3 a.m., so he gets put into the hall 'til the rest of us get up!

Here's the finished mermaid pin........and I'm blessed enough to have already sold her to one of my dear friends here in town! This was a joy to make with the bright colors and the clay mermaid bead and little glass fishes. I already have another slightly different one started for a gift ......don't forget that four months from now it will be Christmas week! Ho-ho-ho!!!


Maggie R said...

This pin is gorgeous!! I just Love the color and the work you put into it!! Way to go girl!
And BITE YOUR TONGUE........... 4 months to XMAS..... I am just getting use to the fact that August is nearly gone!!!!VBG..
Mind you come December I should be off this horrible Prednisone drug, so for that i will be happy to see December!!!

Miss 376 said...

I am sure the mermaid will be very happy in her new home. The colours are lovely