Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Garden goodies............

I don't know what these little pumpkins are officially called, but I've always loved them and "had" to buy a few in the fall when they showed up in the local grocery stores. Well, this year my dear cousin Boltons next door grew their own (!) AND shared them with me! I've got them on the screened-in porch out of the weather where I see them in passing several times a day. I've already gotten nice comments on them, Ann and Don, so watch out! You're gonna have your summer produce in demand again! Halloween and Thanksgiving are coming! Many thanks for mine....!!!

I could not believe DH brought home MORE pretty little string beans yesterday for the new little freezer! But he does all the preparations, so I won't fuss too much........we had a little batch of these tonight with supper, but I never got them soft as we like. Hmmmmm..........and these green beans have a "sheen" instead of being dull, right off the vine. Don't know what kind they are, but they'll be pretty durn good next February, I'll bet!

Dear Husband (DH) brought home this tiny Eastern Box Turtle last night; we ALWAYS stop to get turtles out of the road. This one was so cute and smaller than what we usually find in this area, he turned the car around and brought him back home to me, and we both took photos of him/her/it.

The underside of the shell is just as pretty with the design as the top; and the little bugger wasn't but about 2 1/2 inches long. I took him down to the farm pond and put him down near the water so he could either go swimming or hide in the grasses/woods. At least he's got another chance at life!


Miss 376 said...

What a beautiful shell!
The boys were out playing the other day and the youngest came back and said can you use this? He had found some rhubarb. It was growing beside a mud pathway they walk through and he thought I could make something from it. Crumble yesterday and today, yummy

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Isn't it great? Fall is just around the corner. My favorite time of year.

crooked heart art~tabby said...

hi phyl
yep i too stop in the road and save turtles and after looking them over a bit set them free into a safe pond as far away from the road as possible
love those little pumpkins too a friend of mine carved them out one year to fit a tea light in the top and they sat on her thanksgiving table-really nice touch
enjoy your day
tammy :)

Gammie said...

Love the turtle shell. Even nature is beautiful art.

Pie pumpkins is what they are called in Ohio. They are so cute.