Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A morning's walk...........

I always carry my smallest digital camera on the daily walks; I've missed too many "perfect shots" by seeing something gorgeous and not having it with me! This week we've been blessed with COOL mornings, and low humidity.......just wonderful for a change. These passing storm clouds brought us a whole 3/10ths of an inch of rain! (Better than none.)
Within one stretch of road, I found these three large spider webs! They are a sure sign that fall is on the way........for some reason known only to Mother Nature, these spiders KNOW when the season turns and it's time for them to start with what we call the "spider months".......being usually the beginning of September. So this year they're about three weeks early.
.........this web had torn loose some at the left/top section, but be sure to left-click on this picture to enlarge it and see the thousands of tiny dew drops all along the "architecture"! The hole means something flew into the web during the night and probably fed the spider. Yuck. I have arachnaphobia and cannot look at spiders. Not even pictures of spiders. Much less get close enough to kill one.......I don't bother them unless they get in the house. Then they're dead meat. But usually DH has to come smash them before I faint or the cats eat them...............
I was lucky on this day's walk to find all three webs empty of their occupants, or I wouldn't have been able to take the photos. We had oodles of black widows in the yard when I was small, and our parents killing them and clearing our toys left in the yard every morning before we could go out to play evidently stuck somewhere in my brain cells and never left!
Spiders eat mosquitoes and other insects we don't like; and I certainly admire their artsy webs, but I always give them a wide berth (and love my telephoto camera lens!)


Stacey said...

These webs are breathtaking! I'm not a fan of spiders either (except Charlotte that is) but their work can be considered masterpieces.
Just to let you know, I've been a blog reader of yours for sometime. I am a consignor at Catchpenny's Antiques... You've bought some of my things:) Like the jade silver ring and some other finds:) I actually have a gift for you that I'm going to leave with Bobby so the next time you go by her store, be sure to ask for the little memento I found for you:)
Blessings- Stacey Newton

Betty said...

I can't believe you're taking photos of spiderwebs. They are beautful works of nature. Perhaps you could come clear the way for
Midgette and me when we go for our walk.HaHa. Keep the lovely photos coming.

Gammie said...

Gorgeous spiderwebs. I have never seen any that big. Are the spiders that make them big?


Miss 376 said...

Love the webs decorated with dew. Am amazed at the intricate designs.

crooked heart art~tabby said...

hi phyl
great web pic's-i just would not like to see the size of the "S" that made them!!!!
i have a big one who makes a web each nite by my porch light-i watch her from inside the safty of my screen door-i am fascinated by her work- she and her web are gone every morning-but i did have to move the hummingbird feeder they just would not land anywhere near the web early early in the a.m.
thanks for sharing

Clevelandgirlie said...

What great pictures Phyl. Haven't been by in a while -- you've been busy! Those webs would make even Charlotte jealous!!