Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fresh veggies..........

Here's some of the four dozen ears of wonderful sweet corn DH brought home from our local farmers last week. He shucked and de-silked it and it's in the freezer waiting for a winter day to enjoy! I don't remember the name of this new corn, but it's even sweeter and better than the wonderful old standby, Silver Queen. And the kernels are variegated white and yellow all over!
...........and this is part of the beautiful small fresh string beans he brought home another day. Needless to say, they were quickly dispatched to the freezer also........and the small batch I cooked with some wonderful little newly-dug red potatoes was SO GOOD!
But pretty soon I'm gonna ground DH if he gets carried away like this "butterbean haul" he brought home yesterday! A whole, full bushel. We sat and shelled all afternoon and finally got'em into the fridge last night. This morning I blanched them and they are beautiful, with lots of the tiny sweet ones. Boy, are they ever good! They are our favorite and like gold around here, and will be especially good in the deep dark winter when nothing is "fresh"!
With all the reading and messing with fresh veggies, I'm missing out on my art projects! I did just get a new beading book from Amazon, though and it's stirring my creative juices! I'll show you soon my next project from this wonderful book, and show a photo of it. But right now it's time for my nap with the cats. Later, people!


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Wow! That's a lot of shelling and shucking going on around there.

Gammie said...

The corn this year in Ohio is scrumptious. Is it in NC?


Maggie R said...

Is it fun pretending to be"MARTHA?"
You will apprecialte your long hours preparing all these wonderful vegies when winter comes....
Hope you enjoyed your nap.... I look forward to mine every day ;-}