Monday, August 11, 2008

Shrinking pond............

Our three-acre farm pond full of nice big large-mouth bass and bream and a catfish or two is steadily evaporating and without any significant rains this summer, the ongoing drought in this area really shows its damage.
All of the dark green grass to the left in these photos used to be under water; as did the muddy areas where the round bream beds used to be. And the poor pier's "legs" are barely standing in the edge of the water. We shall just keep the faith and keep praying for rains; sometimes we get the edges of hurricanes passing by the Carolinas' coasts this time of year, and they bring heavy downpours and flooding of creeks. I guess that's what we need this year. (There's nothing like being picky with my prayers! Asking for the heavy rains, but no actual hurricane damage!) We have been known to get it ALL, at one time or another.
How many babies in this wren nest?! I can't tell, but at least three, and the parents are stuffing the BIGGEST insects into these little mouths I ever saw! This is the nest the wren built inside DH's work shed; today he had the air compressor going and the electric drill and doing some hammering.
None of his activities seem to bother the little mama wren.........she just keeps on truckin', stuffin' I mean.


Miss 376 said...

If I could, I'd send you some of our rain. Seem to have had plenty of it this summer and more here today

Maggie R said...

My Gosh Phyll, The pond really has shrunk!!! We have had nothing but rain all summer putting the records to a test.
Doesn't bother us as we don't have a cottage or a swimming pool anymore...(Too much work)or spend time at the beaches, but for those that do it has been disappointing.
I could NOT get over those spider webs...... they are HUGE!!!! how big are the spiders that make them?
I'm like you phy.... I can't stand spiders.... YUCK!!
I didn't realize the webs were a sign of fall... Thanks for the science lesson VBG

Maggie R said...

The wee birds are so adorable....They sure have big mouths....Ain't nature grand!!

Diane said...

When I walk into the garden in the morning, I am like a ninja warrior - arms waving in front of my face. I just hate to walk face first into a garden spider's web. Yuk. But your photos are very nicely done. TFS.