Sunday, August 17, 2008

......two surprises!

WOW! Is he a surprise, or what??!!! I don't think trees would pick these concrete "faces" for themselves, if given the option, do you? This tree might be a girl tree, and she certainly wouldn't want THIS face! That's okay; it's not my tree nor my "face" and I don't have to see it often.........heh, heh.
My second surprise that day was these fat black walnuts, and loads of others filling out on this walnut tree! On my walk I couldn't believe all the walnuts and hickory nuts and acorns around the place.........and with the drought and no more rain than we've had all summer. I hope it isn't a sign of a harder/ longer/ colder winter than usual. At least the wild creatures will have plenty to eat in these parts!
I actually had yet another fun surprise left on my doorstep this week by my cousin/neighbors who were kind enough to share their watermelons and beautiful little decorative pumpkins with us! But I'll tell you more about them when I cut the melon and get photos of that and the cute little pumpkins...........and hopefully by Halloween, their lucky and cute grandkids will have some BIG pumpkins to play with! These folks have "green thumbs" all the way up to their elbows! They have a beautiful garden every year; can root anything from a sprig off a tree or bush; and get any kind of seeds to produce beautiful flowers and veggies! Thanks again, my Boltons next door!


Miss 376 said...

Can imagine that could be a shock more than a surprise, to come across those faces without warning! How nice to be able to enjoy fresh fruit and veg,nothing better

Maggie R said...

There you are again Phyl on a most interesting walk... That face is nothing I would want around my tree!! To each his own eh!
I noticed the black walnut tree in our yard has lots of big fruit on it.. Don't mention a hard winter just yet!!!!!
Our weather has been so drab and rainy all summer and they have predicted maybe an extra warm fall which would be nice. Our winters can be so unbearable.
Just have to wait and see...
How was the watermelon.... Gotta get one before the season is over. I missed the blueberries!!!!xoxo

Stacey said...

Hi Phyllis-
Thanks for the publicity! Just wanted to let you know that the website for my blog is
Hope to see you soon!
Sincerely, Stacey

crooked heart art~tabby said...

hi phyl
ohhh not happy with rssfwd-i have not had updates for your blog fro quite sometime just by looking at all the wonderful pic;s you have posted!! it is always such a joy to visit you it feels like home :)
i hope your drought ends soon
enjoy your day and thanks for sharing your morning walks with us
tammy :)