Saturday, August 2, 2008

A crock of..................

Check out this HUGE nest the little wren has made in my old cracked pottery crock under the shed! It's about 10" high and filled to the brim with pine straw, broom straw, some moss, a piece of black plastic, and no telling what else! She's laying her third clutch of eggs for the summer..........and is high on a shelf under a "hot tin roof"! The little brown-speckled eggs might be poached before they hatch!

Last time this wren laid eggs, she had five; so far these four are in the crock-nest. Wonder why all the eggs have a brown band of heavy speckles at the large end of each and every egg? I wish Mother Nature had an 800-phone number to call and ask all of my nature-related "normal" people notice stuff like this?! Heh, heh......I've been told I'm NOT "normal" for a long, long time!


In case anybody missed me last week here on the blog, it was because the first few days Life interrupted my "retired" routine (which is VERY dangerous, because I get VERY cranky!) And the last few days whoever is in charge of letting me post here decided to NOT let me post here, until today at 5:30 p.m. That's twice in my first year of blogging. Instead of celebrating my new blog like most bloggers do, I think I'll celebrate each time "they" shut me down and tick me off!


I'm supposed to remind everyone here that the bidding/donations have started for the beautiful Pink Artist doll ("Love Squared"); with all monies going to the breast cancer research thru the Susan Komen foundation. To find out all about it and see photos of all the hundreds of decorated 2" squares from artists all over the world, go to Monica Magness' blog:

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Miss 376 said...

If you find the person that knows all the answers let me know, I have a little person that would be able to keep them busy for a lifetime. Not sure how I am supposed to know all the answers!