Wednesday, August 27, 2008

disappearing flowers...........

This is one of the last of the beautiful pink cone flowers from this first year's crop........I've saved the seeds, hopefully to help a new and larger patch of them come up next summer. They are truly one of our more drought-resistant flowers for this area, and can live weeks with no rain!

And this lone little purple petunia is a volunteer all by itself among our new bed of peonies! It has bravely bloomed (with little water or help from us) all summer; another good choice for dry areas. I don't know if these white patches on the petals make it a "mutant", or not, but it's really pretty with the contrast to the dark purple!

And last, but not least at all...............your royal highness, Mister Buddy Cat. Or Butt-cat! Or Bad-cat! Or Bubba-cat.............sheesh! Are we sickening with our pets, or what????! This is Baby Sister's pink bed he has taken over. She is ticked off, of course. So this week we found her a new little round bed at the dollar store and put it down in another room...........she got in it and loves it. And how long do you think it took this little boy cat to try it out the first time she got up to get a snack???!!!!!! She's old and arthritic and cranky (like me) and wishes we would take him back to wherever the hell we got him from.


EK said...

DW I know you just love "Bubba" even if he is a pain in the neck.

Maggie R said...

Oh Phyllis...... I am ROTFLMAO~~
You tell a good story!!!! Butt Cat has certainly made the house his own eh?!?! Love it ... Poor Baby Sister! is nothing sacred!!!! Imagine taking over her lovely pink bed!!!! no wonder she got cranky!

Miss 376 said...

At least he sleeps where cats are supposed to sleep. Pickles frightened the live out of me the other night as she stepped out of the washing machine!

Barbara Jacksier said...

Penny of Lavender Hill "sent" me. I'm so glad to "meet" you. I also started with one lonely coneflower plant and now have more than I ever imagined. Each plant spread (and eventually I divided some up and moved them), plus others I planted from seed. Have no fear they will happily multiply.

crooked heart art~tabby said...

hi phly
butt-cat is a hoot!!!
and he sure looks like a little trouble maker!! but we wouldn't have them any other way would we :)
enjoy your day
tammy :)