Monday, August 25, 2008

Autumn's coming!

The squirrels have been having a big time eating the pecans, hickory nuts and everything else in sight here on the huge field rocks along the driveway. And they are all nice and fat and sleek, so if they're storing some of this food away for winter, they will not go hungry!

Click on this photo to enlarge it in order to see how overcome my hummingbird feeder is with honeybees! And the ones inside have drowned when they couldn't get back out! This is the first year in the 40 yrs. here that this has ever happened on my feeders............I'm wondering if there is a wild or "humanized" colony of the bees nearby that has not been living there before now. I'm trying to decide whether to just take it down and let the poor hummers find food elsewhere in the neighborhood in order to save the honey bees. Or to keep feeding what few hummers come thru the bees and let more bees die! And hummers get stung only to die! What a mess.......the hummers in this region usually feed through October; we have many "stragglers" coming out of Canada and states up north that pass thru here on their long and arduous trip to South America for the winter. Thank God we've heard of a new kind of feeder for next year that is designed to keep all bees, hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets OUT!

Now for some beautiful beading going on at our Sunday afternoon "beading bees" recently.......this gorgeous shell cabochon above has glints of pink and gold and greens in it. My dear artist friend "Dee" is doing wonderful rounds with the tiniest beads to make a nice brooch....... and left-handed, at that!!! I'm amazed................
And the other artist friend, Betty R. is working on this humongous, gorgeous dragonfly........with aqua water and green leaves and pink lotus blossoms! And what amazes me is that she's using those wretched teeny-weeny size 15 delica seed beads!

We laugh and cuss and drop beads and eat snacks and have a great time; and most of the time we EVENTUALLY finish our projects and it's always nice to get compliments on things we've put so much time and effort into!


Miss 376 said...

How gifted you all are, and patient too.
There are a couple of awards waiting for you on my blog

Shabbyfufu said...

What patience it must take to create something like that! Thank you for visiting my blog:-) Janet

Maggie R said...

Oh My the beading is gorgeous ....
BTW Phyl, the bees on your hummer feeder..... We had a terrible time with yellowjackets doing the same thing. The hummers would come to feed and you should have seen how fiesty they were.... They fought off the yellowjackets no problem.... It was amazing to watch them.... I imagine the bees would be less aggresive don;t you think?
Nature is amazing!