Friday, August 15, 2008

Tough love flowers..........

Our crepe myrtle tree is full of blooms, but most are not lasting long and have brownish areas from lack of rains. This color is "watermelon", and it really looks it........hmmmm. Which reminds me, we haven't had a watermelon this summer yet! I wonder if they are sweet with no rains.
And this is another new lily of DH's from the bag of unknowns that he bought on sale in late spring.....I love this color; it's more of a dark red or burgundy than this photo shows.
And this lily just popped up on a perfectly straight little stem and had one huge bloom, again with no watering! We forgot the bed of lily bulbs when the first ones bloomed and got no rain, but when I saw buds coming from these last two, I took buckets of water to them quickly! Also my durn zinnias, which I LOVE, are laying all over the ground twisting up into knots and once in awhile give me (begrudgingly) a gorgeous bloom or two..........but never but one at the time! Next year I'm going to be the first customer at the nursery near here and just buy zinnia PLANTS already blooming and fill up the bed! That way I won't have to agonize all summer long wondering IF and WHEN they MIGHT decide to bloom from seeds.

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Maggie R said...

Dear Phy,
Your walk throught the garden is always so enjoyable, You have specimens I have never heard of so it is a lesson as well as eye candy. The lillies are beautiful.
I do have a few of those but forget to take pics.... My fave is a pink one.. Next year I will take pics!!!!
Did I tell you I harvested my peas in the garden?? Yes we got ONE, that's right ONE pea pod!!! Inside were 6 peas so DH and I each had 3!!! Oh My what a feast...NOT!!
Thanks to Mr Peter Cottontail who enjoyed the crop.....Ho Hum.... why do I even bother.....My time could be better spent in my studio! Speaking of which I better go get busy.... Hope to post pics of my latest bags which will be off to the shop for sale to-morrow when I go to town.
Hope you have a wonderful week-end....