Saturday, August 9, 2008

Assorted trivia............

I'm getting through this funny book slowly. Not because it's one of those books you have to "wade" through, but because it's so full of actual facts pulled from the bible. This author (Jacobs) spends a year of his life trying to live as "literally" as he can, according to all the rules, regulations, laws, commandments and so forth that are listed in the King James version of the holy bible. One of the interesting things I hadn't caught during my perusing thru that book twice in my lifetime is the rule about Christians aren't supposed to wear clothing of "mixed" fibers! Holy moly! My closet is FULL of sinful clothes!!! But it's better now than back in the '60s and '70s when we had "double knit polyester" and mixes of unknown origins! I love pure cotton anyhow because it's simply much cooler in the summer and if I take the pieces out of the dryer and hang them up right away, I don't have to find the iron. Linen is nice, but I can't afford it and it also wrinkles very badly. Silk is super-nice, but has to be hand-washed AND ironed, plus it's also pricey. Wool (winter is coming) itches. Plus I still have hot flashes and don't have much PURE wool in my closet. So. What's a good Christian to do?!! I'll let you know when I finish taking lots of notes during the reading of this book. At my age, I guess it's too late to worry overmuch about it.
Isn't this the sweetest little pitcher?! I found it (cheap) at the local vintage shop and don't need it or have anywhere to even display it in our little house. But I kept carrying it around and just felt like it wanted to go home with me. It'll hold a few tiny flowers if we ever get any rains. And it might end up being a gift for someone I like a lot. Or not.
.......isn't this the cutest bar of SOAP you ever saw?!! I am blessed with the sweetest girlfriends EVER! One of our Sunday-afternoon gang, Betty R., is an artist in her own right, and a quilter, among her many talents. (She's also a NASCAR race nut. She just got back from the race in the Poconos in PA and had a ball; we'll probably have to hear all about it tomorrow afternoon!) But this gal is one of my most dear pals ever, and we have shared lots of good and bad times together. And she brought me this cute Mary Englebreit bar of soap one day, just because she knows I'm a "chocoholic"! Is that "sweet", or what?!!

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Miss 376 said...

There must be something about blue and white. I bought a little blue and white jug just because I liked the look of it a few years ago. Think it just reminds me of growing up and farmhouse kitchens