Friday, September 5, 2008

A "must read"; art quilt project............

Oh, this book was like all her moving and I couldn't turn pages fast enough! I love her stories because they take place most always at our Carolina shores, beaches and places we who love the ocean here recognize. It will wrench your heart, but then life does that, doesn't it?

This is my 10-inch quilt block to be sewn together with oodles more by Monica Magness, who created the Pink Artist doll, "Love Squared". Her idea is to get lots of artists to take the last of the 2" beaded/decorated squares and sew them onto large blocks, to be viewed from both sides.......
.........this it the other side of my block after the final edging was put on to finish off the raw sides. She's gonna now sew who knows how many 10-inch blocks together to make a wonderful embellished art quilt to also be sold for breast cancer research next year! Do check out her blog "girl-gone- thread-wild" by clicking on it listed in my favorite blogs in the right-hand column of my blog's home page, and see how much monies have rolled in for chances to win the beautiful and huge Pink Artist doll she assembled for the great project! You will also find on her blog's home page a place to donate any large or small amount to get your name into the pot for the drawing for the doll..........there's almost two months left, I think!

This little beaded heart square was one of my two favorites that were sent to me..........I don't know who made any of them, but all the artists put their hearts into the beautiful work!
..........and this is my other favorite little square in the bag of 13 that I received to work with. This 3-D face just spoke to me for some reason...... thanks, Monica, for letting me be a part of this project! As a long-time breast cancer survivor it means a lot to be able to participate!

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Miss 376 said...

What alovely piece to have been involved with. Must have been wonderful spending time admiring what every one had produced