Friday, September 12, 2008

Signs of fall.............

I have these snow white mushrooms popping up near the salt block for the deer in the side yard.........the flat=topped white mushrooms/toadstools will be eaten by the squirrels, but I haven't seen them eat this fat kind yet.
We also have huge "fairy circles" in the pastures of white and tan larger ones growing.........'tis the season, I guess! The big tan ones look just like pancakes w/maple syrup on them!

And I dread seeing our beloved dogwood trees start to look like this in the fall of the year. It means they look pretty for awhile before dropping their leaves, but then the "nekkid" tree skeletons are everywhere to see all winter! And I caught the cardinals eating the red dogwood berries off the trees one day like they were starving to death! Hope a few seeds make it to the ground to make baby trees next spring! The bluebirds also love the dogwood berries, and thank goodness we had good crops of them this year in nearly all our nesting boxes around the farm.

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Miss 376 said...

With the amount of rain we have had here, we have been promised a bumper crop of toadstools. We love searching them out