Wednesday, December 12, 2007

.........can you believe this clear blue sky weather we're having in N.C.???!!!
And the weather is outrageously warm this week. Check out the temperature below for Tuesday:
.......we got up to 82 degrees this week; "normal" should be around 45 or so. It's 73 now on Wednesday, Dec. 12th! And still no rains..........the drought situation is getting severe now. God willing, we might get "showers" tomorrow, and some "substantial" measurement of rain this Saturday. DH is working in the yard raking tons of leaves and pine straw and also vacuuming them up with the riding mower, but dust just flies up from the least movement. We also live down a long gravel driveway from the highway to the house, so we have a good standing reason for not washing the cars too often! It only takes ONE trip in or out to get covered again with dust!


tammy lang said...

hi phyl
82 yikes-too hot for dec!!
we are waiting on snow this afternoon-maybe 3-5 inches hope its more:D
have a good day

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

The weather has been warm here too. I hate it. This time of year is supposed to be cold. But I know it's very good for the animals and homeless people, so I'll try not to gripe. Anyway, our weatherman says cold is on the way.

Maggie R said...

OK YOU GUYS>>>>> I'll trade anytime...
We are in the middle of a blizzard and it is windy and cold..
Why can't we have a happy medium!!!!
Oh well I will be staying inside by the fireplace.... No snow angels for me although I am sure our snow loving Tammy will be out frolicking since she got snow now~!!!