Monday, December 31, 2007


Well, tonight is the last of this year; and I'm ending it being sick as the proverbial "dog"! Caught DH's head/chest cold a few days ago; then during the holiday weekend an old tooth with a 30-year-old filling in it decided to act up...........after all those years of chewing!!!! How DARE it?!!! And our loved ones are here until tomorrow night to celebrate the New Year! And among the visiting relatives is my dear great-niece who is 17 and both smart AND pretty, if I DO say so myself! She had unexpected gall bladder surgery recently and missed schoolwork; brought it with her down here from PA and she's catching up on Spanish and Advanced Math and God only knows what else, (she's on the National Honor Society!) heh, heh...........can you tell I'm so proud of her?

While great-niece has her head stuck in her books and my computer, I'm in the sewing room trying to cut out and sew up FIVE cotton, wrap-around skirts for her to wear on a missionary trip w/her dad to Africa next month!
We are afraid for her to go, but it's a trip of a lifetime; and she's really into helping/nurturing people, so it will be a good thing. Do join with me to pray for their safe journey, work, and return next month.............thanks.

I have no photos for you today, but will in a couple of days. I'll find out Wednesday what this tooth is going to cost me to keep it in my mouth!
I'm looking at a sure crown, and praying it doesn't also need a root canal.

Plus: we got THREE days/nights of rains to help our "severe drought" conditions here in mid-N.C., and for that I'm very I'm not staying up late tonight to see the New Year in, but hoping 2008 will bring better health; prosperity; and lots more creative endeavors! Happy New Year, everyone!!!


tammy said...

happy new year phyllis!!
best wishes that your grand niece has a safe and amazing journey to africa!
i am starting the new year sick too-but i feel more like its the flu :(
feel better soon
x's& o's

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Wishing you & your loved ones a healthy, prosperous and heART filled year Phyllis. blessings to you my friend. :) xo, Monica

Sue said...

You SHOULD be proud of her. Such a lovely girl. I wish I had known about the wrap skirts...I just placed an order with the place that has the recycled silk ones.

So sorry you aren't well..what a nuisance, this time of year!

Maggie R said...

Dear Phyllis,
I hope by now you are feeling better and have the tooth problem solved.... Honestly at one of the busiest times of the year who needs that eh?
I will pray for your lovely great-niece on her journey to Africa. An experience of a lifetime.(These Yung-uns are so much fun to have around.)Those wrap skirts will be perfect.
We had some ladies give a talk at our quilt guild about a place in Africa where they teach the women different skills to try and better themselves. They showed the kind of wrap skirts they wear which were just a 2 yard piece of fabric and wrapped around them and tucked in at the waist..
Some of our quilt guild members are leaving for Africa this year. They are going to teach sewing. We have filled containers of donations of treddle sewing machines , all kinds of sewing aids and fabric for the african women to use. It has just left on it's 4 month journey. It feels good to help.
Glad to hear you are finally getting some much needed rain.....
We have had a mild spell lately and I am hoping it will last. We have to travel in to town on Monday for my cataract surgery. i will be glad to get that over with.
Oh Phyl I gotta tell you I have been using my Embellisher..... I'M ALMOST ASHAMED TO SAY HOW MUCH FUN I am having! You were sooooo right.
I am doing some journal covers for now.Will post more pictures later this week.
Meanwhile you take care of yourself and be well my friend.

clevelandgirlie said...

Happy New Year Phyllis! Hope you are "on the mend" and are off to a good start in the New Year. What a wonderful experience your grand-niece has before her. May God be with her on her journey. Again - Happy New Year to YOU!