Thursday, December 27, 2007

How do you like this TALL stuffed doll I have dug out of my stashes?! She's 26 inches tall and seems to have a body made of canvas that is painted black. I bought her a few years ago, intending to embellish her in some way and then sell her. She came just as you see her here; the head is composition of some sort, and she's on a metal stand (see photo below).
I'm thinking the canvas cloth is going to be resistant to beading; but will have to at least try a patch somewhere on her and see. Her hat is some sort of stiffened net fabric that's also been painted black. Hmmm......all sorts of possibilities........the hat and twine wrapped around her hips can all be removed........let me hear from some of you creative gals out there with suggestions as how to embellish her. Of course I could paint her another color(s); could try "dressing" her in a bohemian style; or even using a hand-held felting needle, add some wool rovings in gorgeous many ideas! Thanks for letting me hear some of YOURS!!!


tammy lang said...

hi phyl
she's very neat!!-if you can't bead her-maybe embellish her with paints??
i like the thought of something bohemian too :D

Maggie R said...

Hey Phyllis....
How abour a lovely beaded cape? I think the doll is gorgeous.