Saturday, December 8, 2007

Here are photos of a new book authored by my dear online friend, Margo Duke; (known in the fabric art world as "Her Majesty Margo"). She is the ultimate embellisher using felting machines and by hand, and this great first book of hers has projects for anyone wanting to try their hand playing with wonderful fabrics like wool felt; silk; wool roving; ribbons; buttons; beads; and any sheer fabrics at hand! Isn't the cover just luscious?!
Even the back cover of the book is beautiful; Margo has a natural talent for putting together the most wonderful colorways! Also check out her web site and blog, listed at the right on my list of favorite blogs. Her gallery of finished projects will make your mouth water; the book is now released and available in book stores/quilt shops/online/ or from Margo!
Add it to your sewing/crafting book collection's not expensive, and FULL of great information and easy-to-follow steps. Happy embellishing!


clevelandgirlie said...

I think I just may pick up a copy of this book - it looks great. I have a Janome Expressions Embellisher (just got it not that long ago) and havent really pushed the limits on it yet. Thanks for sharing this information Phyl.

Maggie R said...

Thanks for sharing this Phyl...
This looks like a fabulous book. I think I will get a copy. I still haven't used my embellisher yet... About time `!`
Maggie.... frozen in Canada