Tuesday, December 18, 2007

TAG..............I'm "it"!!!!!!!!!

My online friend Diane from the Cloth, Paper Studio group has seen fit to "tag" me to play in this blog game: I must list 7 random/weird things about me that perhaps nobody knows. Then I tag 7 other blogger friends
(who will drop me like a hot potato, since this is the week before Christmas and nobody has time for this!) who must (please?!) play "tag" with me, and list 7 thingies about themselves on their blogs; and also visit 7 friends of theirs and "tag" their blogs. This could go on forever!!!!!! Okay: here are 7 things about me that most folks don't know:

1. I drink a big jar of sweet iced tea EVERY day, year 'round!
2. At home or eating out: I MUST have my tea glass FULL of ice!
3. I "hole up" for DAYS in winter like a hermit, and read or bead or paint or sew or knit or quilt, etc. and see no one except DH! (and the cat)
4. I LIKE my own company!
5. I will move to an uncomfortable position in bed to make room for the cat's choice of HER place to sleep!
6. I am addicted to using Avon's "Care Deeply" lip gloss....year 'round!
7. I've never been in an airplane; and have NO intention to do so now!

Now: here are the 7 people who I am "tagging" to follow along and play this game:
Sue K.
Monica M.
Jo Anne O.
Maggie R.
Sammy S.
Susan C.
Cathie R.

........thanks, girlfriends.........for being good sports! Aren't we a fascinating group of artists?!


yarngoddess said...

Some random, some wierd....

You didn't think any of mine were wierd?

Well, pooh....I guess you're harder to shock than other people.


Maggie R said...

Well Phyllis you rascal you!!!!OK>>OK>> I'll play...:)
BTW You are not so weird in my books!!!! hahhahahahah
Check on me later.....to see how weird I am....
((((big warm hugs))))
Maggie in cold sunny Canada

Sue said...

Oh, my dear...I was tagged way back in May. No one wants to read all that again! Look here:

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

WHAT!!! Never ever been in an airplane? EVER? Wow. I'm just struck by this. lol Guess how many times I've flown???

I did this TAG already too, but can't seem to find my answers now.... I'll keep looking. xo, Monica

I ALREADY knew YOU are weird. heh

Jo Anne Owens said...

Hey Phyl! Of course I will play but right now life is in a turmoil and once things settle a bit I will put my head to coming up with odd stuff...believe me, your answers are tame compared to mine! Eeeekkkkkk!!!

Also have to come up with my 7 folks...you already got a few that I was thinking of and I don't want to tag them again!

Merry Christmas!

Jo Anne Owens said...

Phyl! I just posted my 7 things...come over and check it out! Smiles!