Sunday, December 2, 2007

'Tis the be loving and giving of ourselves and our art.
A couple of months ago I participated in the "Pay It Forward" action here on my blog, and only had two responses; but I sent out three gifts because one woman's heart was in the right place, but she was having a difficult time then. I see that several of my fellow artist/bloggers are doing the Pay It Forward thing again, and since I signed up for them, I want to do it again also.

Here's the deal: the first three people who leave comments to this note will receive a handmade gift made by me............IF they agree to post the same offer on their blogs, and also to make and send gifts. In this way we are touching we know not how many lives and hearts; and the very best reward we get is from doing these "random acts of kindness"!!!

So: send in your comments, and after the holidays and early in the New Year I will contact you for addresses and send out your gifts. And just imagine how far and wide all of our small acts of kindness will go, and how many people they will touch! Thanks for participating!


Maria in NC said...


Would you mind playing with me? ;)


Maggie R said...

Hey Phyllis.. I will plaY with you.....want me to? I will be #2
I will go again on my blog and see who else i get too LOL....

Jo said...

I would love to join you but I am so new to blogginh that I have only made my blog and that is it. Lol. Maybe when I learn more.