Friday, December 21, 2007

Well, here is the front of the "Princess" beaded doll..........all finished and ready to go home to her "mama" in Oregon! I finished beading her neck and chest area and gave her some arms..........she was fun and easy to work on.
Here's a close-up of the areas I beaded; you cannot see two rows of sequins under her hair; but I love the added pink flowers and green leaves. I also enlarged the little bugle bead "necklace" someone had put under her chin area, adding pink and blue bugles to brighten her up some.
And here is her finished back view: the green sequins w/pink seed beads around her neck don't show up well here, nor do the flower-shaped blue and pink sequins. (Should have taken another close-up....duh!) Then I used the bocce stitch to fill in around her arm/shoulder area with green seeds, and sprinkled some light green beads here and there around her body........her mama had asked all of us who worked on her to use: shades of mauve, blues, greens, and maybe cream. But when I got her, she only had one "cream" heart-shaped bead and a couple of green beads, so I tried to fill some little areas w/greens where the fabric was showing through and it brightened her up a little bit. Overall, she's rather dark, but when she gets home and is displayed in a well-lit area, she's really beautiful !
I do hope her mama likes all the freeform beading we've all done on her; she was a joy to work on! I've colored and stamped and written in the little doll's traveling journal, so after the holiday rush at the post office, I will send her on home!

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Beadin' Gram said...

What fun you all must have had beading on this fun doll. She is just delightful and I love her. Great work you B.A.D. ladies.