Friday, December 14, 2007

This purple/pink doll is the next one I'm beading on in the round robin; that being a part of the yahoo group: Beaded Art Dolls. This top photo shows the doll's front and the bare area I have to cover on her chest. This has been a fun round robin, because there are no hard and fast beading pattern rules; it's just called "freeform beading" and everyone can do their favorite stitches/patterns! The tricky part of this doll is going to be working around the little "necklace" at her throat that's already been sewn on; and also working around her neck, both front and back, because her pretty "loopy" hair drops down and covers the area to be beaded yet! I guess that's why most doll beaders leave the hair for last. But there are tricks of the trade: like covering her hair with a little plastic bag/rubber band, etc. so I can work under it. Stay tuned......this one will be interesting!
And in this doll's color choices for us to use in beading on her were listed shades of green and cream...........I don't see any of those color beads much, so will dig some out of my stash!
And this is the back of the same doll; I have to finish the bare upper back and shoulders. thinking she also needs some "arms" of some sort. We shall see........but when I get finished with her, I'm the last one to work on her, and it will be such fun to mail her back to Oregon to her "mama"!!! Aren't her colors yummy?!!!
And this cute little doll to be beaded is pretty, too! Such light and happy colors! I think her name is "Candy"..........and I might do her hair, since there is one other beader to work on this one..........but I'll try to keep it up off her neck! Hmmm.........maybe a band/necklace of pretty sequins?! So many choices to play with!
Here is "Candy's" back side.........look at the cute little floppy "wings" at the top! She looks like she also might need some arms..........I'm off to pull out my bags of beads and lay out two palettes of colors to match/blend with these dollies and get to work. And to find some larger focal beads for more texture. Oh, I've enjoyed this beading group so very much since I joined them nearly a year ago....and the ladies are so generous with their help and encouragement for those of us new to beading on doll forms! Thanks, BAD ladies!!! I'm addicted to 100% beading on fabric now!


tammy lang said...

hi phyl
they are both beautiful-the free form is such a neat technique-i love the first one-
have a great day

Maggie R said...

Hi Phyl.....
I have been so busy preparing for company I haven't been around... Got everything under control now so I can play!!!!!!!
I LOVE your dolls. The free form dolls are beautiful! Good for you Phyl, you sure keep going.... Just like the ever ready bunny!!!!!
Maggie.... in blizzard conditions in Southern Ontario... Canada
PS I think they could drop the SOUTHERN part

sammy said...

Morning my friend! I am putting together a package for you that I will be sending off to you tomorrow! and later today will be writing you a email! Oh I can't wait to see what my doll is going to look out when you finish her...! hugs,

Sue said...

Oh, I love the first doll...those are my kind of colors. I can't imagine adding green and cream to her, she's lovely as she is.

You see the second one as "Candy," and my first thought was "Easter"!