Thursday, December 6, 2007

Meet "Bindi", the latest beaded art doll I've worked on this month.....she lives in Australia with my online friend, Lynn Manning. We in the Beaded Art Doll yahoo group are doing a round robin and using the "freeform" beading style.........which means I can just go nuts with my big, bright hunky beads and focal pieces! Lynn named this cute doll after the late, famous crococile hunter's little girl, Bindi. Since she's a wild child, I thought I should make her some "porcupine" hair out of bugle beads and tipped with blue seed beads. The parts I beaded are her right arm with its blue sequin flower and glass leaves; and her left leg with its spiral bead, some bugles and a butterfly mixed in at her ankle with the light green seed beads. And I found the goldfish and two other little clay fish beads that needed to live on her chest!
This is a close=up of Bindi's "porcupine" hair! I used a tribal bead in the center (just because it "looked/felt" right" when I held it up to her head);
and the hair took the better part of 3 afternoons running to sew on!
Here's Bindi's back side which the next beader will finish and mail back to her Australian home. I added this large clay "sun" face bead, and the surrounding green, gold seed beads; and the wonderful and bright square turquoise sequins! All the other ladies have used many sorts of peyote stitches and "bridges" and great focal beads to make her a really pretty doll. We all hope her mom will love her when she ends her travels. And in this week's mail, I received a box with the next TWO dolls to bead on for the month of December! So you all know where I'll be if I miss a day here and there on this blog................duh.


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

That hair is awesome!

tammy lang said...

oh is she ever a beauty!!
i know lynn is going to love her
thats a doll you can look at again and again and see something new
bet she feels wonderful to hold
great job:)

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Oh boy, I think this is my fave of the RR dolls you've added to so far. I'm drooling profusely... someone give me a tissue! ~Monica

sammy said...

t wanted to tell you that I was so impressed with the way you did the bead into the back of her head! Just a awesome touch!