Friday, May 9, 2008

Baubles and bling!

These are two vintage rings I've recently bought from the local vintage shop named "Catchpenny's"....... I also sell vintage wares of mixed kinds there, but it seems like I'm not getting much ahead in the money department, since some months I end up buying more than I make! I don't know what kind of stone the green ring is........but I love the sterling silver work on both pieces.......the amethyst I may have shown earlier; it's my February birthstone. And can you tell I love big and chunky jewelry?!!!!
And here's a heavy metal hummingbird "head" with glass eyes, and a pair of screw-type earrings that are very intricate flowers. The two rhinestone pins "needed" to come home with me to join my small collections of rhinestone jewelry. Heh, heh........oh, how I love to shop in my little hometown stores!

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