Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A beautiful old lamp...........!

DH was cleaning out our little log barn in the side yard recently and found this perfectly wonderful old glass lamp. It feels like "satin glass" and the decorations on it are METAL! It had an old wire cord and chain for hanging from an old high ceiling once upon a time. I was going to clean it up and take it to the local vintage shop to sell, but the more I saw after cleaning it up, the more I wanted it to hang in my kitchen! So DH promptly took down the ugly copper one and put this one up. We don't have tall ceilings, but it's mighty pretty even without the chain! I love the "bohemian" look.
Take a look at this detail work! It looks as if the lamp maker put soft, almost melted metal into a cake decorating tube like you put icing on a cake with, and proceeded to squirt on the leaves and flowers and other
designs! I wish we could remember where we got it and I'd also like to know more about it........when I find a bit of spare time, I'll check into ebay for similar hanging lamps. Oops! I'll post tomorrow a photo of the light
after installation in my kitchen.........it's amazing how MUCH light comes through the frosted glass! But then I have a 100-watt bulb in it; the older I get, the more light I require......surely it can't be yet another age-related
bugaboo, can it???!!!!!!!

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