Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I love pink!!!

This wonderful, fragrant rose came from the last of a rosebush Mama brought here to the "country" when we moved in 1967. It always has its first buds by Mother's Day, and it blooms every month until frost! And the smell is just glorious.........wish I could share that with you too!
And the deer eat our caladiums as fast as we plant them, so I sneaked a shot of this pretty variegated leaf at my neighbor's house. We're all waiting to see which varmints go after her beautiful blooms this spring! None, I hope, but they will be sorely tempted!


crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi phyl
wow is that ever a beauty!!
and it blooms all summer? how nice
i have a climbing rose bush that is just going crazy this spring-no blooms yet just a bit too early here in ct-please keep sharing with us it reminds me of what is yet to come :)
enjoy your day

Gammie said...

Lovely rose. Thanks for sharing.